Avni Gupta

Who Am I?

About Me

Hi! I'm Avni Gupta. I'm a high school student who loves to learn, be it in school or out.



I recently discovered a passion for cybersecurity and understanding how computers work and interact.


I'm also fascinated by psychology and understanding what drives people's actions, from everyday trends to committing crime.


I've been taking Tang Soo Do since the age of four, and since then, I've achieved my second-degree black belt. Karate has always been something to turn to when I'm feeling stressed - it never fails to cheer me up, and it's quite therapeutic at times.


My taste in music is 70s-80s with the occasional 2010s song thrown in. Favorites include "Piano Man," "Blackbird," "Bicycle," and "Hotel California," about which I have actually written an analysis paragraph.


I love taking pictures of anything, although most of them are of nature. You can see some of my best photos here.


Bioinformatics combines my interests in technology and biology. I'm particularly interested in protein structure and modeling.


"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes" - Oscar Wilde


Yale's Introduction to Psychology

Spring 2020

I took Yale's Introduction to Psychology course online at Coursera, mostly because my friend was taking it and I thought it might be interesting. It was. This course helped me to discover a genuine interest in psychology, particularly the psychology behind peoples' motivations, and inspired me to continue learning the workings of the mind.

Wilton High School

Sept 2020-present

I am currently in high school, where I am a junior. I'm taking several AP classes, and am part of several extracurriculars, including the swim team and the band.

Quantum Computing Camp

July 2020

I was honored to be one of the first high schoolers in the world to learn quantum computing in this virtual summer camp taught by MIT grad students. The camp covered the basics of quantum mechanics, computing, and algorithms, with a special emphasis on quantum cryptography. Quantum reasearchers from IBM, MIT, and Google, including the inventor of Quantum Chess, held panels as well.

Mathematical and Computational Research in Biological Sciences

June-July 2021

Over summer 2021, I enrolled in UChicago's Summer Immersion program. This course in computational biology allowed me to combine my two main interests - computation and biology - and learn several basic techniques for genome sequencing, alignment, and more.




Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. - John Muir

Food Allergy Scanner

My brother, along with millions of children nationwide, has severe food allergies. Thus, reading the ingredient labels on food products is a must. These labels, however, are tiny and dense enough that it's a struggle to read them. To remedy this, I created the Food Allergy Scanner. By using this app to scan products' barcodes, users can find out if the product contains their allergens in an instant, relieving the stress of grocery shopping. This app was made with MIT App Inventor and Thunkable, and is currently availible on Google Play.

Whole-Genome Sequencing Using Supercomputation to Identify Various Exonic Disease-Causing Mutations

This paper describes a bioinformatics project I did involving aligning, genotyping, and annotating a human genome with a supercomputer to find variations between the genome and the human reference genome, and then using those variations to identify regions which could cause a condition or disease. The project used UChicago's supercomputer Midway.

AI404: Bias Not Found!

As part of NYAS' Junior Academy program, I worked to address the problem of Bias in Artificial Intelligence systems. My team and I combined web scraping techniques, pre- and post-processing, and human biases to create a system that measured a dataset's fairness. We also created a guidebook companies could use to raise awareness about implicit bias on the human end.